The following clients have worked with me to overcome digestive issues, fatigue, thyroid issues, and various conditions.

Z.S.: greatly improved IBS symptoms within 2 months

Before I started working with Anne, I was always in pain when I was hungry or when I was eating. My stomach was burning, I burped at night, which prevented me from sleeping. I was losing weight without understanding why. I also had terrible sleep and I was always thinking about my diet. I also had cravings, which sometimes led me to be sick afterwards.

I wanted to improve the state of my digestive system and gain back some weight. I wanted someone to understand what was wrong with me and help me to see more clearly what I was going through to put an end to this kind of life that was becoming unmanageable.

During and after this nutritional coaching, I regained good sleep, and my mind was lighter: I now think faster without having brain fog or headaches after meals. I feel much better. I think much less about my diet.

I have learned to know my body, but also my mind, and I am happier each day to have a diet in accordance with who I am.

What I really liked was that Anne always took the time needed, and that she studied my case as a whole. Her attitude was totally different from all the doctors I had met who closed my case in only 15 minutes.

It’s not easy to trust someone who will never see you except through a computer screen, but Anne has been so caring from the first contact. She listens to people and she is deeply human, which is priceless.

Thank you Anne, from my heart. I would never be grateful enough for everything you did for me. You have made my life more beautiful, and you allow me to thrive in my professional life.

Z. S.

A. C.: improved her digestion, her sleep, her weight

“Before working with Anne, I had the following symptoms: stomach pain after a meal with carbs, itching, chronic fatigue, disturbed sleep, constipation and diarrhea, bloating, puffy face, heavy legs, problems with blood flow.

Changes during and after this nutritional coaching: more energy, clothes that fit better, better concentration in the early afternoon (before that, I could easily fall asleep during a meeting after a meal).

What I loved most of this coaching is the customization. We can binge watch all the nutritional videos on the internet, but nothing will work if we do not understand how our own body works, and the lost weight will come back.

I understood thanks to the coaching that balance was fundamental but that it was also necessary to understand, in the long run, which nutrients our digestive system could tolerate at small, medium and higher doses.

I also have hormonal problems (autoimmune thyroid), and choosing the foods that will increase my energy is essential, hence the loss of fatigue after starting to eat certain foods.

Without the personalized sessions with Anne, I would not have been able (in spite of my conceptual knowledge) to initiate this personalized protocol. Monthly monitoring is fundamental.”


Alison M., Australia

Mrs. L.: improved her chronic fatigue and digestion, lost 12 lbs

I was referred to Anne by a friend who had been working with her for a few months.

I have Hashimoto’s and despite the classical treatments, I still struggled with chronic fatigue, repeated injuries and constipation problems.

Today, after several months following Anne’s recommendations, almost all my symptoms have improved or even disappeared.

Anne is first and foremost a very warmhearted person who quickly puts you at ease to talk about some intimate issues.

She is very knowledgeable and professional in what she offers and she supports you really well on your journey. I recommend Anne warmly.

Mrs. L.

K. D.: reached her best health in 12 weeks after years of pain and health issues...

“After we worked together, my mind and body feel a lot freer, lighter and happier overall. My general health is the best it’s been in quite some time. I no longer have brain fog or the anxiety that was starting to consume my life.

Physically my body feels a  difference too. I don’t bloat like I used to and I’m more ‘regular’ which feels so good! I didn’t notice straight away, but now after a couple of months I realized that I hardly get headaches or muscle aches like I used to and this is purely from the dietary changes Anne has helped me with, because I haven’t added or changed any exercise regimes. It’s purely my body working better since working with Anne.

Initially when Anne told me what she felt was happening with my body I was in a bit of shock and I was a bit angry, but she helped me through this and now I’ve come out on the other side feeling better and knowing better. It’s literally changed my life for the better.

I liked the support and the general feeling of being cared for. Anne genuinely cared and showed compassion towards my individual situation. She made me feel so important, which gave me such a boost, especially as my self-esteem was so low at the time. She is dedicated and committed to helping and always there to answer any questions.

It felt comforting not feeling alone during the process and I feel this is especially important when working with people online and in different time zones – Anne didn’t let any of this affect her working with me or promptly responding to any questions I had.

I would definitely recommend Anne. She is the real deal and it’s so nice to be able to sing someone’s praises and have a good experience with someone online. She takes health seriously and I know she will do everything she can to help get someone in the best health possible. She is honest and she is real!

I have a lot I’d like to add. I want people to know my experience. I had been experiencing health issues since my second child was born. I had been searching for answers, which no one could give me. I spent countless hours looking online. Doctors had dismissed many things I suggested.

I KNEW something had to be going on in my body and it was getting worse. I did find someone who helped me a little, but some of his suggestions were also not taken seriously and I started giving up. I lost hope. I became depressed. I started believing that I must have been causing all these problems and that I must have had a mental health issues. Then the anxiety set it and it was beyond dreadful. It was such a dark period of my life.

I also had had trouble conceiving and had lost a baby which devastated me. One day I was reading  a blog and happened to see ‘Anne’s Healthy Kitchen’ I’m not sure what made me decide to look it up and read it that day, but I did and the rest is history.

I’m very happy to say that since working with Anne my life is continually improving. Some things take time, but once you start reaping the rewards, you know it’s worth it. Anne has also helped me because now that my body is working efficiently again I was able and ready to get pregnant again which happened very easily and the pregnancy is progressing well.

Anne wants people to have good quality of life and I know that she has helped me achieve this.

Thank you Anne and best wishes!”

K. D.

B.H.: reached her goal to lose 15 pounds in 90 days and stopped overeating at night...

bethany-pic2“I was excited about my opportunity to work with Anne, but at the same time, I was nervous leading up to our first session.

I was hesitant that working with Anne would cause more stress than peace.

Perhaps she would be extremely critical of my current diet. I was afraid that the effort needed for meal preparation would be time-consuming and expensive. I was also concerned that Anne’s nutrition advice would be un-natural and focused on “low-fat” trends. I was hesitant that it would not be an enjoyable experience.

I can not believe how relieved I was when I learned that those fears were far from reality! My experience working with Anne ended up being all I can dream of and more. It was so refreshing that here was someone who can kindly meet me where I was. She provided a perfect balance of being encouraging and motivational yet supportive and accepting. She is incredibly light-hearted and truly knowledgeable in the realm of nutrition.

Anne made it SO easy for me to prepare healthy and delicious meals! This is saying a lot since I was intimidated by cooking and had little to no experience in the kitchen. The many meals I’ve made thus far are all affordable, simple, delicious, and nutritious.

With this coaching, I noticed that I feel more grounded, physically and mentally. I have more energy, and feel more centered and at peace.

Before working with Anne, I would have painful digestion issues. I have not had any since following her direction. My mind feels more content and I have found an overall sense of acceptance and confidence towards cooking and myself in general. I have succeeded in weight loss while feeling satisfied.

I LOVED Anne’s recipe book and meal planning! This made my life so easy! I work quite a bit and was nervous about being able to plan means. I was so shocked and impressed at how convenient and accessible cooking healthy meals can be.

I would recommend Anne’s weight loss coaching service to anyone. There is so much I gained from it. Not only weight loss potential, but an improved immune system, decreased amount of stress, and boost in emotional and mental well being.

Anne’s knowledge regarding food is wonderful. She brings you back to the basics. She reminded me that it doesn’t have to be complicated. The combination of her tools (meal planning, recipe’s, serving sizes, specific food that works for you, etc.) along with her attitude is impeccable. She organizes her vast amount of knowledge in such an accessible manner. She really has changed my life.

Food is a big deal. Consumption has a significant effect on our bodies! There is so much out there in the world right now regarding what is “healthy”: vegan, paleo, raw food, etc. There can be a very extremist attitude. I found that feeding into these fads was very detrimental to my well-being. I was also upset that “super-foods” had to be so specific and expensive. I did not have the time, money, or energy to devote to making a complex exotic meal with strange, expensive ingredients! Plus, how do I even know that this is what my body needs?!
I am just astonished at how much Anne’s approach to nutrition “makes sense.”

With Anne’s knowledge and tools, I really feel like there is a huge burden off my shoulders. Mind, body, spirit are all interrelated in my mind, and Anne provided such a solid foundation for improving the well-being of my body. The benefits of that oozed out into all aspects of my life!

The coaching experience was truly empowering. I’m grateful that it was not a cookie-cutter “do this- or else” attitude. Thank you Anne!!!!”

B. H.

A.V.: improved her health and got back her energy...

While working with Anne, I noticed the following changes: I no longer woke up at night, and I was much less tired.

Right after the end of our work together, the improvement of the variables on my blood tests was confirmed by the doctor, who told me: “your blood test is perfect, you must have a very good diet!”

My favorite aspect of this nutritional coaching experience with Anne is that there is no fluff; her approach is science-based.

Anne has a deep knowledge and a holistic approach to health. Anne is very flexible, and I enjoyed the convenience of Skype consultations. Nutritional recommendations are easy to follow.

Anne helped me understand that changing my diet was not only useful to lose some belly fat, but also to improve my health!

I feel much better, I have more energy, and I am relieved to have been able to follow her advice at this stage of my life so that I don’t have more serious problems later on.


O.B.: made some simple diet changes and lost the last few pounds after her pregnancy...

I had no hesitation to work with Anne. Through the coaching, I became addicted to vegetables!

I loved the short detox I did at the beginning of our work together. This allowed me to better understand the needs of my body, well beyond the “shoulds” of diet fads.

I also managed to let go of my scale and I lost my last pounds of my pregnancy.

I appreciated Anne’s simple way of “reading” how my body works. No revolution or forced changes. Everything is fluid.

I recommend her services to all women who ultimately follow marketing fads rather than the needs of their bodies.


G.T.: got rid of her health issues and improved her diet...

“I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Anne. I loved that she is so passionate about her work.
And she has a great knowledge about food and human beings…

After we worked together, I now try to take better care of how I balance my meals. And now I know which nutrients I really need to feel and be healthy. I am more conscious that I need to feed my body correctly… and it is now one of my top priorities.

Anne has a lovely approach, very caring, kind and human.

And she perfectly knows that eating habits are partly unconscious… and sometimes it is not that easy to change them…
She tries to make it simple for us… so we can easily implement new meals plans…

I enjoyed our sessions a lot! Thank you Anne for helping me with my health issues… and with my meal plans. You did it with all your heart and I felt it.”

G. T.

S.D.: wanted to gain weight and successfully reached her goal...

Stephanie“I started working with Anne because my doctor urged me to gain weight. Obviously, I wanted to do it in a healthy way.

When I discovered Anne’s coaching, I found it demanding and my first thought was : « Will I be able to make it in the long run? ». After having tried other solutions, I had come to realize that no results would come from a magical solution, so I had to give my best efforts to make it work.

Within 3 months applying what I learned from the coaching, I gained the kilos I needed in a sustainable way. I am proud to have made a complete turn in my habits that will lead to lifetime results!

What I absolutely loved about this coaching package is that, for the first time, I got to understand why some foods are good and how I can prepare them. I am happy to have learned how to cook delicious recipes (and so is my boyfriend…). I feel more educated now. I am fully empowered to make smart food decisions, and this a value that I have gained for my whole life.

I would definitely recommend Anne’s coaching service for women who are truly willing to make a change in their lives. You need to understand that results will come from your dedication: if you are ready to change the way you act towards food, then you are in good hands with Anne!”

S. D.

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