You’re struggling with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, reflux or a heavy stomach after meals and you want a simple plan to get better, fast.

You’d love me to help you reset your digestion and claim your flat stomach back.

I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone and that solving digestion issues doesn’t have to be complicated or take years.

And even though you might have lived with your symptoms for months or even years, you can feel a lot better in just 30 days (or less).

In fact, many of my clients start seeing their symptoms vanish after just 2 weeks.

Here’s what a recent client had to say after only 15 days:

“I no longer feel bloated and my stomach doesn’t feel heavy after meals anymore. My liver fat roll has shrunk in half and it’s no longer hard to the touch. I have no more gas, no more joint pain, and my cravings are already a thing of the past.”

Let’s look at your situation together and let’s reset your digestion, in just 30 days!

Here’s how the 30-Day Digestive Reset works:

You fill out my detailed online health assessments and questionnaires, where you tell me about all the symptoms you’re experiencing, what your current diet looks like, and a few details about your lifestyle.

Essentially, I want to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on before we hop on our first video call together.

1) We’ll have a 60-minute video call to go over your situation. This call is an assessment and goal setting session : we set realistic expectations for the next 30 days, we talk about diet and meal plans, and I give you a plan and my recommendations so you can start healing your gut.

Together we’ll look at the following items:

Your Diet – Are you eating foods that might be contributing to some of your digestive symptoms? Are you missing on foods that could help you feel much better?

Your Personalized Plan – I’ll give you a personalized whole foods diet based on the analysis of your situation as well as your food preferences and your cooking skills.

Lab Test Review (optional but recommended) – If you wish to submit any lab tests you’ve had done in the last year, I’ll go over them and tell you more about your nutritional status.

Supplements – Based off of your diet, your symptoms and your lab tests, I may recommend one or more natural supplement to help you feel better faster.

By the end of this first 60-minute session, you’ll know exactly what you should do, and I’ll make sure you walk away with a clear, written plan to follow.

2) On Week 2 and Week 3 after our first call, we have a 30-minute check-in to see how you are doing and what changes and improvements you’ve started to observe.

3) You also have email and whatsapp support during the 30 days, so you’re never left on your own to figure things out.

4) At the end of the 30 days we have our final video call, which will be a 45-minute follow-up session, where we will assess your progress, measure your results, and I’ll give you a plan to follow for the next 60 days or so.

BONUS – In addition to the above, you’ll get these 2 awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1: A 14-day Digestive Reset meal plan with recipes.
I give you my 14-day Digestive Reset meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All with exact portions and simple recipes, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Bonus #2: A cookbook or a nutrition book of your choice mailed to you physically (to choose from my best-of list)

Who is the 30-Day Digestive Reset for?

This is for you if:

  • You suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, reflux or other digestive problems.
  • You want results and you are ready to make changes to your diet and do what it takes to get the results you want.

It’s probably not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a magic solution and you hope I will fix everything for you.
  • You have a “do it yourself” approach to your health and don’t see the value in seeking expert advice.
  • You aren’t ready to cook any of your own meals and/or make changes to your diet.

30-Day Digestive Reset Investment: US $365

You’re here because you’re motivated to do something about your digestion and you are committed.

Before we begin, I want to make sure we’re the right fit. That’s why I want to schedule a free 20-minute call (video or phone) with you.

To schedule your free 20-minute call with me, please send me an email at or simply fill in the form below.

I’d love to help you on your journey to health and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.