Indian Spicy Lime Pickle

Indian pickles are very spicy, but they are also delicious…This is my favorite one and I always keep a homemade jar of it in my pantry.

This condiment is very easy and quick to make provided you have some Indian spices; but you will need to be patient…it needs to be kept in the pantry for 3 to 4 weeks before it really gets great flavors.

Once it is ready to consume, you can keep it for several months or even up to one year. The spices and the oil do a great job of preserving the limes for a really long time.


You can eat this lime pickle with basmati rice, lentils, or vegetable dishes. You will only use a tiny bit at a time, so you will enjoy it for a long time.

Note: this pickle is VERY spicy. I like it like that, but of course you can reduce the chili in about half. It will still be hot, but less hot.

Makes 1 small jar – Total time 20 min + 3-4 weeks
6 limes
3.5 tbsp (55g) sea salt
0.8 tbsp (12g) fenugrec powder
0.8 tbsp (12g) mustard powder
2.5 tbsp (40g) chili powder
1 tsp (5g) turmeric
10 tbsp (150ml) coconut oil (or olive oil)
1 tsp (5g) yellow mustard seeds

Cut each lime into 8 pieces. Place limes in a stainless steel bowl and add the salt. Mix well.

Mix fenugrec, mustard, chili powders and turmeric in a small bowl, and add this spice mix to the limes.

Heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds. When it’s hot, take away from fire and pour on the limes in the stainless steel bowl. Stir well.

Place the mixture in a glass jar, cover hermetically, and place in a warm and dry place (your pantry is fine).

The pickle can be eaten after 3 to 4 weeks, and can be kept in your pantry for several months.


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