How to Make Homemade No Knead Bread – Video Recipe

If you have never made bread or you’re intimidated by just the idea of making your own bread at home, this no knead bread recipe is exactly what you need.

The dough is made in less than 5 minutes, then you can do something else while it’s resting in the oven or another warm place for about 1h30, and finally you only need to bake it for 30 minutes, while you’re also doing something else.

no knead bread recipe

I had never made any no knead bread before, and I just LOVE this recipe. I got it from a friend who lives in Eastern Europe, and she bakes it when she comes back from work.

The bread is delicious, my husband loved it, and my boys loved it.

By the way, I am now no longer allowed to buy any bread 🙂

Bread used to be something simple; you’d go to the baker and have different options in front of you. But it’s been years since I could get my hands on really good bread. Maybe it’s because I live in Madrid, where the bread is particularly bad, but when I go to France, it isn’t any better.

Commercial bread, even in bakeries, is made with low quality flour, gluten is often added to it (making it really unhealthy), and then it’s loaded with preservatives and other weird substances you would never have thought that they existed.

And that’s why nothing beats a good homemade bread!

Watch the video:


Makes 1 bread – Prep. time 5 mn. – Total time 120 mn.

500 gr (17.6 oz) wheat flour for bread making
370 ml (1 1/2 cup) warm water
1 tsp salt
15 gr (0.52 oz) fresh yeast

It is very important that the water be warm, not lukewarm, and not hot. Just warm.

In a very large stainless steel bowl, you’ll want to mix the flour with the salt.

Separately, on a smaller bowl, mix together the fresh yeast and the warm water, until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Then, pour the yeast and water mixture over the flour and stir with a silicon or wooden spatula until you get a dough.

At this point you can add seeds (that’s what I do) such as sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, or whatever seeds you like. I usually add about 1 tbsp of seeds to the dough. Then, stir well one more time.

Cover the large bowl with cling film or with a lid, and place in a warm place; you can turn on the oven and when it reaches 104ºF (40ºC), turn it off, place the bowl inside, and close the door.

Let the dough rise for 1h30 in the warm oven. After this time the dough will rise about three times the initial form and be bubbly.

Preheat the oven (make sure you remove the bowl from the oven first) to 435ºF (225ºC).

Place a baking sheet on a baking tray.
Then, slide the dough from the container to the tray, in the same position as it was rising (not upside down). This is very important. I use a silicon spatula to slide the dough onto the tray.

Bake for 30 minutes in warm oven. If it gets too brown, cover with some baking paper. I never needed to do this but it depends on your oven.

Then you can take the bread out of the oven and marvel at your bread making skills!

no knead bread


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  1. Paul

    Brilliant first go worked out great
    fresh bread is awesome stuff


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