When Food Is Your Best Friend

food-best-friendMany women fail at losing weight for this particular reason:

They just can’t stop eating the wrong foods, the foods that make them gain weight.

Sure, they know these foods are bad for them. But they just can’t stop.

Some doctors and obesity specialists say it’s a lack of willpower, and that if people are overweight and obese, it’s their fault because they don’t have enough willpower.

I have a very different opinion.

I really don’t think that it’s only a matter of willpower.

Far from it.

In our modern society, food is much more than a way to feed our body. Our relationship to food, for most people, has different dimensions.

I remember this woman on TV, saying: “Food can be my friend, food can be my boyfriend, food can be a vacation to a beach when I can’t afford to go”.

“When food is your best friend”…

And often, when you’ve depended on food for every emotional feeling for the majority of your life, it’s a hard habit to undo.

And the food we usually depend on for our emotional feelings is NOT some broccoli, brown rice or a kiwifruit.


It’s chocolate, fries, bacon and cheese, muffins, cookies, pizza, pasta…

Why do you think we talk about “comfort food”?

Because food, for most of us, is comforting.

“When food is your best friend”…

Little kids go to mummy when they are sad or afraid or disappointed. Teenagers would share their emotions with a good intimate friend.

Adults don’t have mummy anymore, and many times they won’t or can’t share with a close friend…but they have food.

Food won’t reject them.

Food won’t judge them.

That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight for many, many women.

“When food is your best friend”…

Sometimes you can have all the willpower in the world, it’s just not going to help you that much.

Our body fat is our blanket of protection. We’ve put it on as a way to protect ourselves because we feel psychologically unsafe.

Many times this is all deeply rooted in childhood, our relationship with parents as children, and we repeat the patterns we created (unconsciously) back then throughout our life, with our partner, our boss, our own kids…

It takes courage, much more than counting calories or finding the perfect balance of carbs/fat in the diet, to face yourself and realize that you don’t need that blanket of protection any longer.

That you are lovable and loved already.

It takes courage and a fair bit of work on yourself.

Awareness and acceptance of where you are right now are the first steps.

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