Detox Class – How To Do a Cleanse the Right Way

You’ve probably seen all kinds of cleanses and detox online or in magazines. Most of the time, it’s about juices, shakes, smoothies, fasting, or even having a “healthy diet”.

Are you skeptical about all this? If so, let me tell you that you’re right!

Juices, shakes and other quick fixes are not going to help the body detox. They can even be dangerous.

In this short detox class that I taught live, I’m telling you everything you need to know about cleanses and detox.

The 4Day Cleanse program is no longer available.

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  1. Melissa

    I really like this. I’d love to do a 4 day cleanse with supervision. I’ve never done one before. Thank you so much for sharing this with us 🙂

    • Anne Guillot

      Hi Melissa, thank you! Sure, watch your inbox and I’ll be sending emails regarding the 4 day cleanse. I’ll also post on FB.

  2. Jane Klosterman

    Thank you Anne. I was just talking to some friends who did the 10-Day smoothie cleanse from the internet and was thinking about doing it when I saw your presentation. I now know how to proceed (not with just smoothies)! When will your DIY program be available?

    • Anne Guillot

      Hi Jane! So happy to hear that you’re not going to have to do a smoothie cleanse 😉 Actually, I wanted to keep the video short so I didn’t explain everything in details, but a smoothie cleanse makes you lose some weight rather fast and this releases toxins in the body in an improper way that’s dangerous for you. That’s why it’s really not a good idea. Toxins have to be properly eliminated. I’ll be sending details about the DIY program within 7 days. It should be available next Tuesday or so.

  3. Terrie

    Just wondering what the recommended fat is for first thing in the morning.
    Enjoyed the cleanse information….don’t know if I can go without coffee, but I’m going to try!!!!!!! Thank you!

    • Anne Guillot

      Hi Terrie! It depends, but my best recommendation is coconut oil, or olive oil. If you join the program next week, you will get all the details, quantities, etc.
      You can prepare for the cleanse by reducing the coffee every day; in a few days that should be ok.


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