Beet and feta cheese salad with walnuts

This beet and feta cheese salad makes a delicious and super nutritious dish in autumn or winter. If you can’t get your hands on walnuts, you can replace them with pecan nuts.

This salad is packed with nutrients: vitamin A from beets, protein and fat from goat’s cheese, essential omega6 and omega3 fats from walnuts, and healthy monounsaturated fat from olive oil.

Serves 2 – Prep. time 20 mn.

2 cooked beets
2.8 oz (80g) feta cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
a few walnuts
black pepper
dried oregano

Peel the cooked beets and cut them into slices.

Then, cut the feta cheese into slices, too.

You can then plate the salad: start with a beet slice, then a slice of feta cheese, and so on. End with a beet slice. You can make slices that are thinner than on the picture if you prefer.

Mix together the sherry vinegar with the olive oil and some black pepper. Pour this quick and healthy dressing on the salad on each plate.

Sprinkle with some dried oregano and add a few walnuts halves.



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