Beef Cuts – US, UK, France, Spain

I have been living in Spain for 6 years now, and I also lived in several different countries, and here is the point: beef cuts are different in each and every country in the world.

I don’t really know why, but people cut beef differently in every single country. I guess this is because of culinary traditions, and recipes that call for a determined cut in one country do not exist in another country, which will have other recipes that will call for other cuts.

I often get confused between all the beef cuts names, and this is why I wanted to make this post for reference to my readers, who are pretty international, and who may be as confused as I am. This is especially true if you are a beginner cook.

Below you will find the different beef cuts and their names in the US, the UK, France, and Spain.

Beef cuts in the United States


And here is a guide on How To Pick The Perfect Cut Of Beef.

Beef cuts in the United Kingdom

uk beef cuts

Beef cuts in France

french beef cuts

Beef cuts in Spain




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  1. Jackie

    Thank you!
    We are Americans living in Spain are are always confused about the cuts….this really helps!!!!!


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