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30-Day Meal Plans
Your Pass to Healthier, Happier Meal Times…Even When Life Gets In The Way


Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, “Picky Eaters Approved” Delicious Meals

What if you could wake up every day, your healthy meals already planned, and get excited about your day…without dreading meal times, eating low-fat or counting calories?

Imagine this day with me…

purple-arrow - 32You’d feel like you’re coming back home at night to relax…instead of stressing out and feeling like you’re starting work all over again.

purple-arrow - 32You’d feel great about adding nutrients to your meals…instead of going mental trying to count calories, skipping meals and depriving yourself.

purple-arrow - 32You’d enjoy special occasions, birthday parties and weekend nights out without an ounce of guilt and without fearing weight gain.

Mary Poppins doing some magic in your kitchen

yellow-arrow - 32Do you feel exhausted and just want to collapse on the couch when you come home from a long day at work and the mere thought of having to find a meal idea for dinner hurts so bad?

yellow-arrow - 32Do meal planning, grocery shopping, food prep, all while balancing nutrients and avoiding unhealthy foods, make you wish there were a Mary Poppins of meal prep doing some magic in your kitchen?

yellow-arrow - 32Would you be thrilled to open your fridge on Sunday night and see enough fresh and healthy food for a week’s worth of meals, so you can relax, enjoy time with your friends and loved ones and do more of the things you like?


The morning rushes out the door, the 10:30am hunger pangs and the “quick and crappy lunch syndrome” are about to end.

Whole foods nourish your body.

Whole foods nourish your body.

You start the week with good intentions and a fridge well stocked with fresh produce. But when dinner time comes on busy weeknights, it’s another story. Meal times are a real challenge and can be so frustrating.

Maybe you love all kinds of foods, but you’ve got a teenager who wants to have a vegetarian diet, and hubbie is a T-Rex.

Or maybe you don’t really know what to make, your brain is freezing when it comes to tonight’s meal idea, and you end up eating pasta, heating up a pizza, or calling for takeout.

Or maybe you’re tired of trying to stuff that pesky muffin top into your jeans or having to look for shirts that are loose at the waist.

Plus, maybe you feel guilty you can’t seem to figure out how to feed your family a healthy, balanced diet when 10 generations before you did this with ease and grace every day.

I get it.

Eating fresh veggies is a gift to yourself.

Eating fresh veggies is a gift to yourself.

And there was a time in my life when I would come back from work exhausted and end up making pasta a whopping FOUR times a week!

And it was depressing me because I LOVE whole foods and vegetables.

Breakfasts were quick quesadillas when I love eggs and oatmeal (when I started to get organized and eat eggs again, I got a lot more nutrition and no longer had eye fatigue in front of the computer…but I digress).

And lunches were quick and crappy 3 times a week because I had to meet tight work deadlines.

Everything changed when I started to plan my meals in advance (yes, it can seem boring but it’s THE secret of most thin and healthy people including models and celebrities)

It all changed when I started making a grocery shopping list, shopping for food once a week, and taking 10 minutes to cook breakfast and 30 minutes to prepare lunch for the office and cook dinner.

Plus I had been studying nutrition and I knew how to add nutrients so my body would thrive, all while keeping extra weight at bay.

So, I get it, and I can help.

I’m Anne Guillot, dietitian, founder of AnnesHealthyKitchen, creator of the 60Day Power Plan healthy weight loss program and of these 30Day Meal Plans, and I’m about to become your Mary Poppins around meal times.

Why can I help? Because first, we have a lot in common. I am a…

Mom (read: have to prep and cook all meals for my family 7 days a week)

Foodie (read: I love food. I hate eating the same boring foods over and over. I love flavor and don’t run away at the idea of eating carbs and fat – the good ones)

Woman (read: want to love what I see in the mirror and want to be fit and healthy for life)

And I can help you because…

yellow-arrow - 32I am an experienced cook (25 years in the making) and gardener (15 years growing all kinds of vegetables and fruit). I know better than anyone how to pick healthy foods and prepare simple, delicious meals in less than 30 minutes.

yellow-arrow - 32I have a formal dietitian training, which means I know how your body works and I know how it processes carbohydrates, fats, protein and other nutrients. And when I design meal plans, I always have your health in mind.

yellow-arrow - 32Because I have lived and traveled in more than 40 countries, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe traditional diets and health practices around the world, I know all too well that being thin and healthy is about much more than going low-carb, avoiding fat, or finding some obscure superfoods you’ve never heard about.

Anne has been regularly featured on:

And here is why you really want me in your kitchen:

yellow-arrow - 32These 30Day Meal Plans are what I use myself every day, for me and my family, and I have also designed them with YOU in mind.

yellow-arrow - 32They are varied, tasty, healthy, and WARNING: they are so colorful that you may see a rainbow in your kitchen!

No more asking yourself if you’re eating the right foods for you or not enough food (or too much).

No more reaching out for chocolate when you’re so hungry you’re about to faint…(plus you never feel better afterwards…just plain guilty).

With these 30Day Meal Plans, you will…

purple-arrow - 32Adopt the habit to follow a meal plan and cure your daily “what can I make for dinner?” panic attack.

purple-arrow - 32Eat everything you prep and use all the foods you buy (so your produce doesn’t go bad).

purple-arrow - 32Enjoy tasty, satisfying, nourishing food, without getting bored eating the same foods over and over.

purple-arrow - 32Feed your family vegetables that are so tasty they’ll beg you for more.

purple-arrow - 32Focus on nutrients and flavor instead of having to count calories and gulp down the latest, trendy, tasteless low-fat fare.

purple-arrow - 32Feel great about knowing everything you’re putting on your whole family’s plates is healthy, nutritious and whole.

purple-arrow - 32Finally be one of those women who can come up with a flavorful, healthy meal in less than 30 minutes (and leave others with their mouth wide open, asking themselves: how does she do it?).

The 30 Day Meal Plans are YOUR pass to healthier, happier meal times…even when life gets in the way.


You have lifetime access to everything so don’t worry about missing out if you can only get started a few days from now!

What other women say about me & my programs

I thought I had to eat less food, so I was skipping meals all the time. Now I have realized that this was wrong. Once I started to cut down the wrong foods and eat more regularly, I began to lose weight without even thinking about it.


When you start eating nutritious, tasty and satisfying food, here is what will happen:
1. You’ll have a lot more energy throughout your day, every day.

2. You’ll no longer have to go through morning hunger pangs (hoping your boss won’t hear your stomach) or afternoon slumps…and reach out for chocolate bars.

3. Your waist will get thinner, your digestion will improve, your skin will be smooth, and what you see in the mirror will be your best friend, not your enemy.

4. You’ll feel so much better and you’ll go to bed at night proud of yourself.

I’ve done all the work. Everything is DONE FOR YOU: the recipes, the meal plans, the meal prep sequences.


A clean, all-in-one-page, beautiful member’s area where you’ll get 30 days of meal plans, meal prep guides, 35+ recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, grocery shopping lists, and much more.

You can browse from your computer, tablet or smartphone; you can also download everything and print out anything you want.


…the meals can also be made dairy-free if you want to (I offer a dairy-free option with each recipe). All recipes are gluten-free (without calling for processed gluten-free foods of course) and sugar-free (you can use raw honey or natural sweeteners instead).

From there, you can adapt the meals to your own diet: add bread and pasta if gluten is ok for you, and add some sugar if this is fine with you.

If you have some digestion issues, want to give your metabolism a good rest, and get rid of some extra weight, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel with these meals!


My lil’one grating Italian cheese.

My lil’one grating Italian cheese.

The recipes don’t call for expensive, weird ingredients you’ve never heard about. They feature every day foods like avocados, fish, sweet potatoes, eggs, legumes, rice, fresh fruit, oats, chicken, olive oil, coconut milk, and colorful vegetables.

The ingredients’ list is short and the recipes are all easy to make. Even little kids can help!

Plus you’ll get to re-use staple foods every week so you don’t waste anything and you keep your food budget under control.


You can make some recipes or the whole meal plans vegetarian if you want to. There is a guide that will show you how to do it, and you also have vegetarian options with each recipe.

If someone in your family has a vegetarian diet but others don’t, you’ll see how you can prepare the meals so that everyone is happy and you don’t feel frustrated.

Eating healthy has never been that easy.

This works even if…

…you think you are a terrible cook (I will prove you wrong!)

…you cook for a picky eater, a vegetarian and a T-Rex

…you live alone and cook for yourself only (I’ve made a special guide to meal prep for one)


But wait! There’s more!

As I want you to really enjoy these meal plans, I’m also giving you some great bonuses and resources so you can pick healthy snacks, come up with your own meal plan, prep a week’s worth of meals on a single afternoon, get reliable nutrition information about foods, and really have a great time!


Want to cook in advance and don’t know how to prep one week’s worth of meals in only 3 hours? I have you covered. I give you a detailed guide that will guide you, step-by-step.

With this method, you’ll have all your meals ready, with minimal on-the-spot re-heating or preparation.


Although the 30Day Meal Plans are completely done-for-you, you can make your own meal plans.

I have recorded a video with a detailed example where I explain how you can create your own meal plans, come up with your grocery shopping list. I give you my personal template for meal plans and shopping list.

You also get my Healthy Recipes Cookbook so you can introduce great variety in your meals.

This cookbook includes 135 of my own delicious, quick and easy recipes as well as plenty of nutrition and healthy cooking tips to get the most from your food.


If you’ve been eating processed foods and you’re unsure which foods should be in your fridge and pantry, you’ll get the answers you need in the Nutrition Essentials guide as well as the Nutrition resources.

And if you need to eat snacks because of your schedule or because you’re hungry after a workout, I give you a simple cheat sheet with healthy snack options.

Is This Program Right for YOU?

This Is Perfect For You If…

yellow-arrow - 32You’ve been eating mostly processed, fast, pre-packaged foods and want to eat much healthier.

yellow-arrow - 32You want to cook healthy meals for you and your family without getting bored or spending hours in the kitchen.

yellow-arrow - 32You’re tired of fad diets, counting calories or points, and eating low-fat.

yellow-arrow - 32You’re ready to cook simple, tasty meals made with real food.

yellow-arrow - 32You want to cut down sugar, gluten and/or dairy in your diet.

This Is NOT For You If…

yellow-arrow - 32You don’t want to shop for food and cook your meals.

yellow-arrow - 32You want to count calories and weigh all your food.

yellow-arrow - 32You have a disease or condition that requires a custom diet.

You’re protected by my 60-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Because I want you to enjoy these delicious meal plans without any risk or any obligation, I will happily assume all the risk.

If at any time during the first 60 days of using the meal plans, you’re not even 1% satisfied and you don’t enjoy the meals, let me know and I’ll give you an immediate and cheerful refund.

No questions asked, no hassles, no “special instructions”, and we’ll still be friends. In fact, all the risk is entirely on me, and I’m happy to do it because I’m 100% confident you’re going to love this and get the results you want.

Note: This is a digital product that’s available online and downloadable as well; there will be no physical product shipped.

Answers to Your Most Frequent Questions

What’s included in these 30Day Meal Plans?

On the main program page you’ll watch a Tour video that shows you everything there is in the program. You get a Quickstart guide to get you going fast, 30 days of done-for-you meal plans with exact recipes, grocery shopping lists and detailed meal prep sequences for 1, 2 or 4 people, and a guide on how to make the meals vegetarian.

You also get awesome bonuses: healthy snacks cheat sheet, nutrition guide and resources, and meal plan / grocery shopping list template.

You’ll be able to create your OWN meal plans with my video and my Healthy Recipes Cookbook, featuring 135 healthy recipes from breakfasts to soups, salads, mains, legumes, sides, pasta, and more.

Can these meal plans help me lose weight?

If you’ve had a diet up until now that includes lots of sugar, bread, processed foods, and not so much produce, you can definitely reset your metabolism and lose a fair amount of weight with these meal plans.

The meals are all made from scratch with whole foods and contain plenty of nutrients that will nourish your body and give your health a boost. With healthy fats and no gluten, no dairy and plenty of vegetables, you’ll be able to burn fat and no longer be stuck on the yoyo dieting roller coaster.

Are these recipes made with weird ingredients that are hard to find?

Not at all! You know, I can’t stand these health gurus who hint that you can’t be truly healthy without ingesting obscure foods and weird potions!

You can be super healthy with common, everyday foods, and these are what the meal plans use. It’s about real food, nothing more. You can find these foods in your local grocery store, on farmer’s markets, or online.

How are these 30Day Meal Plans different from your 60Day Power Plan?

These meal plans are unique and have been designed to help you plan and cook healthy meals for yourself and your family.

The 60Day Power Plan has been designed for women who want to lose weight and includes done-for-you meal plans and also lots of coaching and help on how to lose weight without dieting.

Can my family also follow this plan?

Yes! My own family follows exactly the same eating plans, and they love it. The program will benefit the whole family. Your kids will have healthy eating habits they can keep for their whole life. And it will make you a PROUD mom!

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