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“I have Hashimoto’s and despite the classical treatments, I still struggled with chronic fatigue, repeated injuries and constipation problems.

Today, after several months following Anne’s recommendations, almost all my symptoms have improved or even disappeared.

Anne is first and foremost a very warmhearted person who quickly puts you at ease to talk about some intimate issues.

She is very knowledgeable and professional in what she offers and she supports you really well on your journey. I recommend Anne warmly.”

“After we worked together, my mind and body feel a lot freer, lighter and happier overall. My general health is the best it’s been in quite some time. I no longer have brain fog or the anxiety that was starting to consume my life.

Physically my body feels a difference too. I don’t bloat like I used to and I’m more ‘regular’ which feels so good! I didn’t notice straight away, but now after a couple of months I realized that I hardly get headaches or muscle aches like I used to and this is purely from the dietary changes Anne has helped me with, because I haven’t added or changed any exercise regimes. It’s purely my body working better since working with Anne.”

“Before working with Anne, I would have painful digestion issues. I have not had any since following her direction. My mind feels more content and I have found an overall sense of acceptance and confidence towards cooking and myself in general. I have succeeded in weight loss while feeling satisfied.

I work quite a bit and was nervous about being able to plan means. I was so shocked and impressed at how convenient and accessible cooking healthy meals can be.”