Three Quick & Easy Salmon Recipes

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Salmon is a wonderful fish; it’s highly nutritious, it contains goods fats, and it can be prepared in a number of different ways.

So, here are 3 ways to prepare salmon fillets: one is with cherries, the other with sesame seeds, and the last one with peppercorns.

You’ll need 1 salmon fillet per person. I have grilled each fillet on the skin side only, so that the center remains a little raw.

Remember that salmon will be healthier if raw or slightly cooked. If it is fried on cooked on high heat, the omega 3 fatty acids will most probably be oxidized and will lose their beneficial health properties.

The other option is to steam the fillets, but I have found that for these particular 3 recipes, grilling gives better results in terms of taste.

Grilled Salmon Fillets with Cherries


Grill the salmon on the skin for about 5 to 7 minutes, covered.

Meanwhile, de-seed 10 cherries per person and halve them.

When the salmon is done, simply add the cherries to warm up a little in the pan, and serve immediately. You can also add the cherries directly on the plates.


Grilled Salmon Fillets with 3 Peppercorns


In a mortar, crush 1/4 tsp each of black, red and Szechuan peppercorns. This will give you peppercorns for one serving of salmon. If you are 4 people, simply crush 1 tsp of each of the 3 peppercorns.

Rub the fish fillet, flesh side only, with the mixture.

Grill the salmon on the skin for about 5- 7 minutes, covered.


Grilled Salmon Fillets with 3 Sesame Seeds


For each salmon fillet, you’ll need 1/2 tsp black, toasted and white sesame seeds. Mix the 3 seeds in a bowl.

Add the seeds on the fish fillet, flesh side only.

Grill the salmon on the skin for about 5- 7 minutes, covered.

When serving, you can add some more seeds directly on the plate.


Now, choose your favorite salmon recipe, and enjoy!

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