French Beans, Artichokes and Hazelnut Salad

In summer, we like to eat French beans and tomato salads. You just cook some beans, leave them to cool, and then add a couple of sliced tomatoes. The dressing is very simple: raw red wine vinegar, and olive oil.

But this time I wanted to change the salad routine a little, and I came up with this very nutritious salad. French beans are not vegetables, but legumes, hence they are rich in protein and fiber. Artichokes are also rich in fiber, and they contain plenty of minerals.


It’s best to choose small artichokes, but if you have large ones, just cut them into smaller pieces.

Serves 4 – Prep. time 15 min + 30 min chilling time
0.9 lb. (400g) French beans
0.9 lb. (400g) artichoke hearts
2 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp orange peel, grated
5 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp hazelnuts (not roasted)
2 tbsp hazelnut oil (optional)
sea salt, pepper

Steam the beans for about 7 minutes, so they are tender but still a little firm. Place them in a colander under cold running water, and set aside.

Sauté the artichoke hearts in a pan with 1 tbsp olive oil during 5 minutes (I use frozen artichokes, but for fresh ones, you’ll probably need a longer cooking time).

Place French beans and artichokes in a salad bowl and season, to taste.

Add orange juice and peel, olive and hazelnut oils, and the hazelnuts.

Cover with foil and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Serve and enjoy the flavors!


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  1. John

    This is one of the World’s Best Salads– it’s so elegant and delicious. I’ve made it many times and am making it for guests tonight. Thanks Anne, for sharing it with us!


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