Asparagus & Sea Vegetables Salad

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This salad is adapted from a recipe of one of my favorite Chefs, Yotam Ottolenghi.

In the original recipe, he uses samphire, which is a sea vegetable that’s found on the British coasts. It is also called rock samphire, and his latin name is Crithmum maritimum.

We went to the South of England last summer, and could enjoy plenty of samphire. Look at this:


The British coast near Dover


Samphire on the coastal shores near Dover, Britain


Samphire sea vegetables


My 3-year old snacking on samphire. He LOVES it! (hint: it’s salty and healthy)


Now, for our recipe, we don’t happen to be in Britain all the time…so here is what you can do: simply replace the samphire with sea spaghetti, or even wakame or nori. Adding sea vegetables will give your asparagus salad a nice salty taste and it will bring plenty of vitamins and minerals to your plates.

asparagus and samphire sea vegetables salad

Serves 2 – Total time 30 min
12 asparagus
1/5 cup (50g) dried sea spaghetti
1 tsp black sesame seeds
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sesame oil
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tbsp tarragon
sea salt, black pepper

Place dried sea spaghetti in cold water and leave them to swell (see instructions on the package).

Trim the woody bases of the asparagus; peel the spears and put them in boiling water. Blanch for about 5 minutes until they are tender but still firm (use the tip of a knife to check).

Drain in a colander and run cold water over the asparagus until they are cold. Cut the asparagus in large chunks.

Put asparagus and sea spaghetti in a salad bowl and mix with the other ingredients. Season, to taste.

Serve immediately or chill.


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