What if…

…you could (finally) stop feeling like you’re in a giant food & nutrition maze with no way out?

…you could wake up tomorrow, full of energy, knowing that your delicious, healthy meals are already planned for the day?

…you could be losing weight indulging in real, satisfying foods instead of feeling depressed about having to eat boring, tasteless, low-fat diet foods?

…you could look at a creamy chocolate cake without being worried you’d eat the whole thing?

…you would not only know what you’re supposed to do but also just do it instead of continuously going back to your old ways and sabotaging yourself?

Get your plate ready!

Because at Anne’sHealthyKitchen, I want to whisk, grill and bake all your diet what-if’s into a whole new, exciting reality that makes you joyful and proud.

Anne’sHealthyKitchen is all about enjoying real food and feeling great in your body.

I won’t serve you fad diets.

I won’t serve you trendy “health” foods or expensive “superfoods”.

I won’t serve you low-fat, bland, repetitive or boring, because I know you deserve something better.

I will show you how you can eat real, full-fat, whole foods to be healthy, weigh less, and stress less…and make food your best friend instead of your enemy.

Because you deserve health, happiness, and a body & life you love.

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Real food, healthy weight loss advice, personalized support.
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About me

I am Anne Ricci and I believe every woman is worth a healthy body she’s proud of.

yellow-arrow - 32I am a nutritionist and coach with a formal dietician training, which means I know how your body works and I know how it processes carbohydrates, fats, protein and other nutrients. And when I give healthy eating or weight loss advice, I always have your health in mind.

yellow-arrow - 32I am not just another nutritionist: because I have lived and traveled in more than 40 countries, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe traditional diets and health practices around the world, I know all too well that being thin and healthy is about much more than going low-carb, avoiding fat, or finding some obscure superfoods you’ve never heard about.

yellow-arrow - 32I am an experienced cook (25 years) and gardener (15 years). I know how to pick healthy foods and I can help you prepare simple, delicious recipes in less than 30 minutes (because as a mom of 2, I know what it means to be busy).

yellow-arrow - 32I have studied human psychology during 10 years and I am really good at understanding women and their relationship with food.

Anne Ricci


What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugeFor the first time in 3 years, I didn’t track my food and I didn’t count calories. I simply followed your recommended portion sizes, filling my plate with delicious wholesome food.
Katy, USA

What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugePutting what I learned from you into action is really what’s making a difference. No counting calories, no starving and I’m enjoying eating foods as much as I’m preparing them.
Ariane, USA

What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugeAnne’s approach to nutrition “makes sense”. With her knowledge and tools, I really feel like there is a huge burden off my shoulders.
Bethany, USA

Join Our Community & Find Real Solutions That Work For YOU
Real food, healthy weight loss advice, personalized support.
No fad diets, no “health” foods.