About Anne Guillot

I am deeply convinced that our natural state is one of health and vitality, and that food is truly your medicine.

Nutrition can be terribly confusing. “What am I supposed to eat?” is what so many women ask themselves.

There is also way too much generic and often misleading advice such as “eat a plant-based diet”, “eat whole foods”, or “eat paleo”.

If only it were that easy…

When you gain weight yet your diet is overall healthy and balanced,

When you have digestion issues, blood sugar issues or food intolerances,

When you’re at a loss because you’ve tried everything under the sun to try and reach a weight you feel good about… to no avail,

When you suffer from chronic illness or adrenal fatigue…

…you need something more than mainstream nutritional advice.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Many times, little, step-by-step changes make a huge difference to your health and your well-being. I’ve seen it with clients, over and over again.

Would you love to understand which foods, which diet can really make a difference, help you have more energy and feel truly amazing?

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You are meant to enjoy health and vitality.
I help women have more energy, get rid of food cravings, enjoy smooth digestion, plus reach a weight they feel good about. Let me show you how!


My approach to health and nutrition

I have a Dietitian degree, and I have also studied on my own micronutrition, Chinese nutrition, Ayurvedic nutrition, psychology and energy healing.

That’s why I have a unique approach to health.

I am dedicated to understanding the root causes of health imbalances and illness by harnessing the power of a holistic, functional approach of nutrition.

Because when we understand the cause, the “why” of our symptoms, it frees us and gives us power to take action.

I specialize in women’s health ; I work every day to empower women to believe in themselves and find the confidence and the courage to take control of their health.

I guide them to make the right nutritional choices that will make them thrive.

To learn more about how you can work with me, go to this page.


A few personal details

yellow-arrow - 32I have lived and traveled in more than 40 countries and I’ve had the opportunity to observe traditional diets and health practices around the world. I know all too well that there is not one single way to eat and be healthy.

yellow-arrow - 32I am an experienced cook (30 years), I love to eat and I am very open-minded when it comes to food. I know how to pick healthy foods and I can help you prepare simple, delicious recipes in less than 30 minutes (because as a mom of 2, I know what it means to be busy).

yellow-arrow - 32I also have an MBA degree and in a past life I worked for an international automotive corporation for 10 years, in different countries in Europe, America and Asia.


What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugeFor the first time in 3 years, I didn’t track my food and I didn’t count calories. I simply followed your recommended portion sizes, filling my plate with delicious wholesome food.
Katy, USA

What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugePutting what I learned from you into action is really what’s making a difference. No counting calories, no starving and I’m enjoying eating foods as much as I’m preparing them.
Ariane, USA

What Other Women Say

open-quote-hugeAnne’s approach to nutrition “makes sense”. With her knowledge and tools, I really feel like there is a huge burden off my shoulders.
Bethany, USA

You are meant to enjoy health and vitality.
I help women have more energy, get rid of food cravings, enjoy smooth digestion, plus reach a weight they feel good about. Let me show you how!